About Us

GEMMA ALUS - symbolyzing 'gemstone' and 'a radiant, elegant soul' - was born in Milan, an attractive city where the old and new harmoniously coexist.
This vintage inspired jewelry brand with a contemporary touch was created in 2011 by a Korean designer who had worn multiple hats at a number of Italian fashion houses and design studios.
Captivated by the beauty of vintage items, unknown to her in the early years spent in Korea, she lightheartedly took her first step as a vintage jewelry designer. Her distinctive designs soon won many Milanese hearts and formed a cult following, eventually leading to the launch of GEMMA ALUS.
GEMMA ALUS aims to satisfy customers of all ages with its daring designs, mix-and-match of femminine and coarse materials, and further to weave together the glamour of both fine an fashion jewelry.
In 2014, the creative director of GEMMA ALUS was chosesn as one of the "200 Emerging Designers" by Vogue Italia.

contact: gemma.alus@gmail.com
address: 1F 553-13 Shinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 (0)70 8779 5090